LB-Injection Machines for foundries
Technology and Product Line


ODERMATH wire-injection-machines are in use worldwide. Functionality, reliability and design layout as required by the market are continuously adjusted to demands.  Our LB production series is sturdy and reliable. Just for this reason more than 300 machines are in use today.

Inoculation into the ladle or casting installations are performed with special inoculation wires more frequently. ODERMATH supplies the injection Machines for the complete treatment of your melts.

LB-50, LB-100, LB-200
The optimal combination of performance and compactness

The LB-50, LB-100& LB-200 are compact, durable and highly productive wire injection Machines ensuring reliable and economic feeding of cored and solid wire into molten metal. A Typical ODERMATH-machine, it requires only minimum space and is equally easy to operate and to service.